Web3 and Using Smart Contracts in Student Housing with Michael Huereque – with Michael Huereque


Web3 is coming and it will revolutionize the internet and how we transact business in all aspects of our lives.

In the student housing arena, technologies like blockchain and smart contracts can offer digital credentialing, making the real estate process faster, more efficient, and even more secure.

But, like with all new technologies, many new terminologies are being bandied about, with more questions than answers.

So how can we begin to understand these technologies and how they will be employed in student housing?

Michael Huereque is an entrepreneur with unique experiences in traditional and non-traditional media and marketing. As the founder and former executive vice president at Agency Fifty3, Michael managed marketing services for over 1000 communities and helped the agency bring home 68 awards and six years, including being voted a top place to work. For the last two years, Michael has switched gears, taking a deep dive into studying Web3 and how it will drastically change the way we do business in the future.

On this episode of Student Housing Matters, Michael joins host Brittany Oliver to discuss what Web3 is and his mission to bring it into the multifamily and student housing industry.

Listen in for Michael’s insight on technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts and how they work in student housing.

He’ll share how student housing industry leaders can prepare to use these new technologies to recruit and retain residents. Plus, why he wants to use blockchain to revolutionize the way things work in multifamily housing.

Topics Covered 

Michael shares what Web3 is

How blockchain works

How smart contracts originated with the invention of vending machines

How smart contracts streamline the contractual process in real estate

How industries like healthcare are already successfully using smart contracts

The difference between a centralized and a decentralized system

Why decentralized is a safer alternative for your crypto wallet

The possible applications for the metaverse for multifamily and student housing and the resident experience

How industry leaders can prepare to recruit and retain residents using these new technologies

Why Michael wants to revolutionize the way things work in multifamily housing

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