Employee Spotlight

Getting Connected on a New Campus – with Amy Lorenz

Student affairs professionals are sometimes hesitant to pursue a role with COCM, thinking that the transition back to a university setting will be challenging. Today, Amy Lorenz joins guest host Tara Wilkinson to share her successful move from facilities and operations at Capstone to UNF, explaining how to make connections on a new campus!

Perspectives on Student Housing Facilities and Operations – Recorded LIVE at the 2019 Annual Meeting with COCM Assistant Directors

What all is involved in running a student housing site? And who are the people behind the scenes managing and operating all the jobs that need to get done? During the 2019 COCM Annual Meeting, we sat down with four assistant directors – with various roles, including building operations, maintenance, business operation, and residence life – to learn from their experiences and stories.

Reflections on Working in Student Housing – with Brian Collins

After working with COCM for over 10 years, IT Coordinator, Brian Collins, made the decision to move to a new company in a new professional field. Brian explains why he needed this shift and encourages others at COCM that the need for growth doesn’t necessarily mean leaving the company to find ways to stretch yourself – he suggests to engage in opportunities outside of your defined roles, and see what you learn.

Listen Your Way to Leadership in Student Housing – with Brian Kraft

Join the Conversation Podcast How I Got Into Student Housing – with Brian Kraft To be a successful leader in the student housing space, you need buy-in from all of the players involved. But how do you determine what’s driving each stakeholder and make decisions accordingly? Brian Kraft argues that learning to listen is the…

How I Got Into Student Housing: Kelly Podach Francis

Join the Conversation Podcast How I Got Into Student Housing – with Kelly Podach Francis When a residence hall comes in under budget, that money can be invested in the building itself. But how do you make decisions around what improvements to prioritize? Kelly Podach Francis designs an action plan based on student feedback, and…

From RA to Operations Director – with Jeremy Steed

Join the Conversation From RA to Operations Director – with Jeremy Steed   Time management. Customer service. Conflict mediation. Critical thinking. Teamwork.   Whatever your motivation for becoming a resident assistant, the position allows you to hone a number of incredibly valuable skills that carry over to any career you might choose to pursue. And…

Employee Spotlight – Abreonia Webster

We’re rolling out a new feature that we’ll be doing from time to time, just to introduce you some of the awesome people we have here at COCM.  You’ve seen employee spotlights before, so you know that they’re designed to be a quick way to get to know a person professionally and personally.  Today, we’d…