The Future of Immersive Marketing in Student Housing – with Rami Kalla

It’s one thing to see photos or even watch a two-dimensional video of a student housing complex you’re interested in. But what if you could experience what it’s like to walk around the apartment, sit by the pool and even play cornhole with other students on the property—from anywhere in the world? Or even well…

Dynamic Women in Leadership – with Erica Steele

Women and other minorities often struggle to make their voices heard, especially in the tech industry. Listen in as Erica Steele describes the challenges she faces as a Black woman in the C-suite of a proptech startup and offers her take on the next big disruption in the way we market student housing.

Storytelling With Case Studies – with F.J. Talley

Storytelling is a powerful teaching tool and an effective way to demonstrate the value of an organization and help consumers make informed decisions. So, what does that mean for us in the student housing industry? Listen in as F.J. Talley explains how to use storytelling and case studies as a marketing strategy for higher ed.

Digital Marketing, The Metaverse, and The Future of Virtual Reality In Student Housing – with Matt Pavlick

How does a student housing community develop a successful digital marketing strategy? One that showcases its differentiators and truly stands out from the rest? Listen in as Matt Pavlick describes the rapid changes in digital marketing, discussing what owner-operators must do to stay competitive and maintain authentic, human connection in the quickly evolving online world.

Emotional Intelligence in Student Housing – with Natalya Cook

It’s important for students to feel valued in the place where they live. And emotional intelligence is key in giving Gen Zers that sense of belonging and connection. Listen in as Natalya Cook explains what student housing communities can do to make EQ a priority and create a culture of transparency, vulnerability and trust!

Why the Excel Award Is a Win for Your Team– with Michelle Smith

The head coach may get all the kudos, but the folks who work behind the scenes truly deserve recognition too. Today on Student Housing Matters, Michelle Smith shares her history as part of the COCM founding team and explains why earning the Excel Award was a WIN for her entire staff at Florida Atlantic University.

How I Got Into Student Housing: Kelly Podach Francis

Join the Conversation Podcast How I Got Into Student Housing – with Kelly Podach Francis When a residence hall comes in under budget, that money can be invested in the building itself. But how do you make decisions around what improvements to prioritize? Kelly Podach Francis designs an action plan based on student feedback, and…

Drone Tour of New Housing at Cornish College of the Arts

Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington is just opening a new residence hall. They had a some footage shot from a drone camera and it ended up producing some incredible views of the building and the backdrop of the city. Cornish -College of the Arts from Chad Copeland on Vimeo.

Breaking Ground at Johns Hopkins University

Capstone On-Campus Management is pleased to join Johns Hopkins University, Armada Hoffler Properties, and the Beatty Development Group in the groundbreaking of a brand new student housing facility on the JHU campus.  3200 St. Paul (officially named in the coming months) will provide additional options for the upperclass students at JHU. “Great student-oriented housing combined with…

10 Things to Consider When Working in a Leasing Trailer

You’re building a new Residence Hall or Apartment Complex. Great! Unfortunately, that means you won’t have a permanent office space until the project is near completion. No problem, a trailer can be a perfect home for the next year or so and in some ways may be better than your permanent office. There are things…