Going Above and Beyond for Students

Marshall University, one of COCM’s campus partners, planned a surprise for one of their students this past week at graduation. Claudia Lea, one of over 1700 students graduating, was taken aback when Marshall University’s president, Jerome Gilbert, announced that her father, Major Brett Lea, had recorded a video to share from Germany where he was…

How to Fix the Student Debt Crisis?

Acclaimed author Jeff Selingo lays out three changes in this brief LinkedIn article our next president could make that would lessen the burden of this ever increasing problem for today’s students, parents, and higher ed. Take a moment to consider future Mr. or Mrs. President!  

Snowplow Parents

Much of our country experienced record snow fall this year.  Are you not only plowing out the “white stuff” but managing snowplow parents? While this article was published in the Boston Globe in the fall, I anticipate the parents will remain engaged as spring arrives and room selection occurs, finals commence and the job search kicks off…