Employee Relations

Diversity in American Higher Education – with Frank Wu

There are over 100 languages spoken at Queens College. It is one of the most diverse higher education institutions in the United States.  So how can other colleges, universities, and companies across the country become more proactive in their diversity efforts? Frank Wu is the first Asian American President of Queens College in New York.…

Meeting People Where They Are – with Corey Reedy

2019 Excel Award winner Corey Reedy doesn’t do what he does for the recognition. He truly cares about the people he works with, and that inspires him to meet them where they are. Today on Student Housing Matters, Corey explains how he provides individualized support to the staff and students he manages at COCM.

Why the Excel Award Is a Win for Your Team– with Michelle Smith

The head coach may get all the kudos, but the folks who work behind the scenes truly deserve recognition too. Today on Student Housing Matters, Michelle Smith shares her history as part of the COCM founding team and explains why earning the Excel Award was a WIN for her entire staff at Florida Atlantic University.

To Earn Respect, Be a Team Player – with Kerissa Hobstetter

Some student housing professionals are only willing to perform the duties listed in their job description, while others do whatever it takes to provide the best possible experience for residents. Today on Student Housing Matters, Kerissa Hobstetter explains how being a team player earned the respect of her colleagues—and the COCM Excel Award!

COCM’s 2021 Virtual Annual Meetings

Every year, the employees of COCM come together in January and February to connect, share best practices, and learn about the latest trends in student housing. It is a time of joy for us because our staff is spread out across the nation throughout the rest of the year – from Boston to California! This…

Perspectives on Student Housing Facilities and Operations – Recorded LIVE at the 2019 Annual Meeting with COCM Assistant Directors

What all is involved in running a student housing site? And who are the people behind the scenes managing and operating all the jobs that need to get done? During the 2019 COCM Annual Meeting, we sat down with four assistant directors – with various roles, including building operations, maintenance, business operation, and residence life – to learn from their experiences and stories.

Student Housing Professionals Come Together

Each year, COCM holds an Annual Meeting, bringing together employees from around the country to the COCM home office in Birmingham, Alabama.  We enjoy the opportunity to connect with colleagues in person that we work daily, through the use of technology.  It is a concentrated time where professional development, networking, and personal growth are the…

COCM – a GREAT place to work!

In 2012, COCM kicked off an annual employee survey and we completed our fourth one recently. It started out as an effort to understand what all our employees, not just directors, think and feel about us a company. What it has become, is a way for our leadership team to quickly assess where we excel…

No More Excuses!

Saving for retirement can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Finding reasons not to contribute to your retirement plan will hurt you in the future. Do any of these excuses sound familiar? If You Think … “I don’t make enough money.” Then Consider… Tax savings. Your contribution is taken out before taxes, so…

The Nitpicker

I think it’s safe to say that everyone works in an office with at least one person like the one described in this Seth Godin blog. What a great perspective for dealing with these types of people. Focus on making something and keep in perspective that the nitpicker is actually controlled by his or her…