Digital Marketing, The Metaverse, and The Future of Virtual Reality In Student Housing – with Matt Pavlick

How does a student housing community develop a successful digital marketing strategy? One that showcases its differentiators and truly stands out from the rest? Listen in as Matt Pavlick describes the rapid changes in digital marketing, discussing what owner-operators must do to stay competitive and maintain authentic, human connection in the quickly evolving online world.

Driving Engagement and Promoting Communication during COVID-19 – An Interview with Mandy Whitten

COCM understands the importance of motivating a team and driving engagement during a time of isolation and unfamiliar work environments.  In order to determine how residential faculty working on campus and remotely at the University of Oklahoma were adapting to conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic we interviewed Mandy Whitten, Director of Operations at Cross residential…

Covid-19 Pandemic: What are High School Seniors Thinking?

Highlights: Outgoing high school seniors are still planning to attend college in the fall. So far, COVID-19 has not influenced which college students will be attending.  It is extremely important for college administrators to communicate clearly and concisely. Students are concerned most about not knowing whether they are being kept fully in the loop! Information…