About Us

COCM (Capstone On-Campus Management) is a company of student housing professionals who work with our partners – both universities and owners – to leverage campus housing to do great things: enhancing student recruitment and retention and improving student satisfaction and success.

Since forming in 2003, COCM has grown from a management portfolio of just over 2,000 beds at three campuses to 33,420 beds at 38 campuses. Our portfolio reflects a broad range of unit and facility types, geographic locations, institution types, and student markets served. It also includes campuses where we manage the entire campus housing program. COCM’s growth is the result of its talented student housing professionals, our values, and our commitment to serving with an ownership mentality to our campus partners and owners.


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What can you expect from working with COCM?

Watch Your Campus Housing Do Great Things

Harnessing the power of campus housing to enhance recruitment and retention, and improve student satisfaction and success. COCM accomplishes this by acting as a consultant, first listening well to understand, and then offering our expertise.

A Solution for your One-of-a-Kind Campus

Achieving tailored management partnerships addressing the unique campus characteristics and institutional housing goals. We do this by having a flexible mind-set, being ready and willing to adapt our business practices to work well with those of our university partner.

The Best Student Experience

Providing residents with an attractive and well-maintained living environment. This is made possible by our talented student housing professionals, who love what they do each day, and are committed to excellence.

A Fanatical Commitment to Reporting and Communication

Our reporting protocols include weekly operating reports, monthly financial reports, budget variance reports, and an annual report. For our financial reporting, we have CPA’s who prepare monthly reports that are essentially audit ready. In addition, we are well versed in continuing disclosure and compliance requirements in bond documents, having operated in the municipal finance markets since 2003. Equally important, our clients are encouraged to contact anyone at our corporate office with any issue or concern.

Let’s talk about how our approach can make a difference on your campus.

Our Story

COCM began as a division of a larger student housing company known as Capstone, founded by Mike Mouron in 1990. Capstone was a full-service student housing company, having development and operations divisions for both the on- and off-campus markets.

In 2012, Mike Mouron retired, and COCM (along with the other Capstone divisions) became a stand-alone company led by long-time Capstone employees. This change freed COCM to work with other student housing developers. It propelled its growth to become the leading provider of third-party management services for on-campus housing communities (Top Third-Party On-Campus Managers Survey, November/December 2022 issue of Student Housing Business magazine).

Our History


32,531 beds under management at 37 campuses.


COCM becomes a stand-alone company. 20,000+ Beds under management at 21 campuses. Student Housing Matters blog and podcast launched.


10,000+ Beds under management at 14 campuses.


Capstone On-Campus Management formed to focus exclusively on on-campus, with portfolio of 2,186 beds at 3 campuses.


Shared Governance management arrangement introduced at University of Maryland College Park (Capstone Properties).


Capstone Companies Founded in Birmingham, AL.