Storytelling With Case Studies – with F.J. Talley

Storytelling is a powerful teaching tool and an effective way to demonstrate the value of an organization and help consumers make informed decisions. So, what does that mean for us in the student housing industry? Listen in as F.J. Talley explains how to use storytelling and case studies as a marketing strategy for higher ed.

Digital Marketing, The Metaverse, and The Future of Virtual Reality In Student Housing – with Matt Pavlick

How does a student housing community develop a successful digital marketing strategy? One that showcases its differentiators and truly stands out from the rest? Listen in as Matt Pavlick describes the rapid changes in digital marketing, discussing what owner-operators must do to stay competitive and maintain authentic, human connection in the quickly evolving online world.

Emotional Intelligence in Student Housing – with Natalya Cook

It’s important for students to feel valued in the place where they live. And emotional intelligence is key in giving Gen Zers that sense of belonging and connection. Listen in as Natalya Cook explains what student housing communities can do to make EQ a priority and create a culture of transparency, vulnerability and trust!

Summer Conferences on Campus: Recovery Starts Today

In the post, Summer Conferences on Campus: More than Extra Dollars, we explored the value proposition of summer conferences and what it brings to campus in addition to revenue. Understanding the full value proposition of summer conferences is important because it create the imperative of what we need to do next, which is focus on recovery.…

Summer Conferences on Campus: More than Extra Dollars

When discussing the benefits of summer conferences, the first to come up is typically the additional revenue generated from underutilized resources in the summer months. However, the value proposition of summer conferences is much greater and can be used to leverage recruitment, employment, and create a sense of vibrancy on your campus during the summer…

Marketing & Leasing in the Student Housing World – with Brittany Oliver

How do you design a marketing plan that attracts residents to a particular student housing community? What if you’re responsible for promoting 35 different sites, each with their own unique culture and set of amenities? Brittany Oliver is the Site Marketing Coordinator for COCM, where she works with our 35-plus partner institutions and their onsite…

3 Management Tips That Create A Rockstar Leasing Team

We asked COCM’s Student Housing Marketing expert, Brittany Pieper, for her top three management tips to create an amazing leasing team. There are so many things you can do day-in and day-out, but implement these three first — and see the difference in your student housing success. Serve More Than You Take Serve more of…

Marketing to Millennials

I recently saw this article on my Multifamily Insiders blog on LinkedIn, and while it was broadly written for the multifamily housing market, I believe it has an extreme amount of relevance to campus student housing as well. For instance – how many campuses have their Housing web page optimized for use by their residents…