As Student Housing Professionals, we have a wealth of experience with well-run student housing programs. So, we believe it is important to share stories, data, and findings that can help you have a successful housing program. On this page you will find white papers, guides, and case studies to help you see student housing through a new lens.

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Small Changes, Big Impact: Tips to Elevate Your Leasing and Marketing Reach

This THREE part series will enable you to leverage your student housing team to make the most of the marketing and leasing process. Each guide is packed with truths that will help you reframe your approach — from getting students interested in your housing to having them sign a lease.

The THREE guides cover:

  • The VALUE of your maintenance team – and the role the team plays in marketing!
  • How to attract the next generation of students by moving beyond “traditional” marketing methods.
  • Getting your team members in the right positions – and the right mindset – for success.

Leverage the Power of Student Focus Groups to Transform Student Services

In this e-book, you will gain insight into how the student housing professionals at COCM have successfully identified needs and changes that need to take place within a campus student housing community. Included in this e-book:

  • What makes “successful” student housing & dining programs
  • How to set up a student focus group
  • 11 Key Questions to ask students

The Fall 2020 Student Housing Reopening Guide

Campuses are having to again make incredibly difficult and complicated decisions about opening back up for the upcoming fall 2020 semester, remaining an exclusive on-line environment, or a hybrid of online and in person models. A big part of this decision-making process is if in-person instruction is restarted, how do you reoccupy on-campus housing in a manner safe for residents in the current pandemic environment?

How To Determine How Many Beds Your Campus Needs

Does it keep you up late at night trying to forecast the demand for student housing on your campus? You have old stock that you could re-open but should you build more? These questions don’t have to be educated guesses. Using our Student Housing Calculator tool, you can plug in some real numbers to get some real data that will inform you in making the best decisions for the growth of your campus.

Breathing New Life Into an Aging Residence Hall

In June of 2017, Duquesne University issued an RFP for a developer to purchase and renovate Brottier Hall, a 1960’s vintage apartment building on the Duquesne campus. The community was in need of major renovations to continue attracting students. We sat down with Dave Yeager of Radnor Property Group, Michale Leonczyk of Harrison Street and Alton Irwin of COCM to discuss the project and how it all came together.

Adding New Housing to Campus

In the Fall of 2017, Glen Oaks Community College opened a brand-new residence hall, introducing on-campus housing for the first time. COCM team members sat down with Glen Oaks President, David Devier, Dean of Students, Tonya Howden, and Dean of Finance, Bruce Zakrzewski to check in and get their take on the process and how the new residential community is impacting their campus.