From Desk Attendant to EVP of Operations, a Look Back-with Sandy Hill


“I think I’m the proudest of how much growth we’ve had. By expanding, we got to get on so many different diverse campuses. And we get to meet so many different administrators in the business of student housing, and that gives you the opportunity to provide jobs for folks, which gave me all the interactions I’ve had with the incredible employees we’ve had through the years.” — Sandy Hill

Sandy Hill  began her career in student housing as a desk attendant in 1979 and has served as the Executive Vice President of Operations at COCM since 2003.

On this episode of Student Housing Matters, Sandy joins host Alton Irwin to discuss how she came to COCM. We’ll discuss her years with student housing, beginning as a desk attendant to the famous student she acted as a residence assistant for and her transition to COCM in 2003. Sandy will share the highlights of her career and the most memorable figures she met along the way.

Listen in as she reflects on her years in student housing, her more memorable mentors along the way, what’s next for her in her journey, and her parting advice for everyone at COCM.

Topics Covered 

How Sandy was introduced to student housing

What brought Sandy to COCM

What Sandy is most proud of from her years at COCM

The surprising FAMOUS person Sandy served as a residence assistant for

The most influential people in Sandy’s on-campus housing career journey

The two people who taught her the most in her career

The story of difficult but necessary growth

The priceless lessons she learned along the way in her career

Coming full circle: What’s next for her in her journey

Where Sandy will be moving to for her retirement

Sandy’s #1 piece of advice for everyone at COCM

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