Advocating for Gender Equality Through the COCM Women’s Alliance – with Hannah Mountford


Sexism, racism, and economic and educational inequality are just some of the significant challenges and barriers women face today.

There are gender injustices everywhere, and women often struggle to make their voices heard.

So, what can student housing organizations do to make gender equality a priority?

Hannah Mountford serves as the Director of Facilities and Operations at Roundtree commons. As a hard-working team player, she takes great pride in her master’s degree focused on Counseling Education with an emphasis on Student Affairs at Mississippi State University.

On this episode of Student Housing Matters, Hannah joins host Brittany Oliver to discuss why she chose COCM, the importance behind her position within the Women’s Alliance, and the impact the Women’s Alliance has on the student housing industry.

Hannah shares several examples of how the Women’s Alliance is creating a safe space for members of COCM to share concerns, network, and champion one another.

Listen in for Hannah’s insight on how the Women’s Alliance advocates for women by bringing people together and helping them feel valued and recognized, giving them a voice so the critical conversations that need to happen for more equality can happen.

Topics Covered 

How she came to be the Director of Facilities at COCM in Plattville, Wisconsin

Why COCM was the right choice for her at this point in her career

What the Women’s Alliance at COCM is

Why Hannah wanted to become involved in the COCM Women’s Alliance

How the Women’s Alliance helps create a safe space for members of COCM to champion for one another

The impact Hannah hopes to make with her involvement with the Women’s Alliance

How cultivating connections in a safe space can help vital gender equality conversations take place

Why transparency is critical in student housing

Hannah shares her goals for the Women’s Alliance and COCM

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