Student Housing

Why the Excel Award Is a Win for Your Team– with Michelle Smith

The head coach may get all the kudos, but the folks who work behind the scenes truly deserve recognition too. Today on Student Housing Matters, Michelle Smith shares her history as part of the COCM founding team and explains why earning the Excel Award was a WIN for her entire staff at Florida Atlantic University.

To Earn Respect, Be a Team Player – with Kerissa Hobstetter

Some student housing professionals are only willing to perform the duties listed in their job description, while others do whatever it takes to provide the best possible experience for residents. Today on Student Housing Matters, Kerissa Hobstetter explains how being a team player earned the respect of her colleagues—and the COCM Excel Award!

Summer Internship Housing – with Emily Eskridge-June

We associate summer on campus with conference programs. But summer interns need housing, too, and many campuses are capitalizing on this need. Today, Emily Eskridge-June joins us to explain how she developed a thriving internship housing program at Cornish College of the Arts and what summer interns are looking for in a place to stay.

Facilities & Operations in Student Housing – with Patrick Shanahan

What does it look like to serve students from the facilities and operations side of student housing? What does it take to keep a residence hall complex well-maintained and running smoothly? Patrick Shanahan is the Director of Facilities and Administration at The Heights, Montclair State University’s newest residence halls complex. Patrick has worked at The…

Solving Complex Problems in Student Housing – with Kern Williams

LISTEN HERE: As you rise through the ranks of a career in student housing, you face more and more complex problems. Imagine, for example, taking on a site that has occupancy concerns, building issues AND staffing challenges. So, what do successful leaders do to avoid overwhelm and focus their energy on finding solutions? Kern Williams…

3 Management Tips That Create A Rockstar Leasing Team

We asked COCM’s Student Housing Marketing expert, Brittany Pieper, for her top three management tips to create an amazing leasing team. There are so many things you can do day-in and day-out, but implement these three first — and see the difference in your student housing success. Serve More Than You Take Serve more of…

The New Normal of Conference Services – with Christine Sismaet

The conference services team at the University of Washington was looking forward to serving 11,000 overnight guests and facilitating 200 overnight conference sessions this summer. But 2020 had other plans, and though the campus did not close, Christine Sismaet and her team had a very different season than expected.  Christine is the Operations Manager of…

Utilizing Conferences and Summer Programming for Income Growth

Conferences and summer programs offer institutions an opportunity to generate revenue that can reduce the financial burden placed on students during the academic year. And it’s not just housing – a strong, efficient summer program brings revenue to other campus entities as well, including dining services, athletics, facilities, and even academic departments. Developing these programs…