The New Normal of Conference Services – with Christine Sismaet

The conference services team at the University of Washington was looking forward to serving 11,000 overnight guests and facilitating 200 overnight conference sessions this summer. But 2020 had other plans, and though the campus did not close, Christine Sismaet and her team had a very different season than expected.  Christine is the Operations Manager of…

Utilizing Conferences and Summer Programming for Income Growth

Conferences and summer programs offer institutions an opportunity to generate revenue that can reduce the financial burden placed on students during the academic year. And it’s not just housing – a strong, efficient summer program brings revenue to other campus entities as well, including dining services, athletics, facilities, and even academic departments. Developing these programs…

Marrying Access + Excellence in Higher Ed – with Dr. Eileen Strempel

How can we be elite without being elitist? Today, I’m joined by Dr. Eileen Strempel to discuss the marriage of access with excellence in higher ed. She shares her commitment to being an unabashed champion of transfer students and describes our responsibility to be responsive and welcoming to the shifting demographics of the student body.

Perspectives on Student Housing Facilities and Operations – Recorded LIVE at the 2019 Annual Meeting with COCM Assistant Directors

What all is involved in running a student housing site? And who are the people behind the scenes managing and operating all the jobs that need to get done? During the 2019 COCM Annual Meeting, we sat down with four assistant directors – with various roles, including building operations, maintenance, business operation, and residence life – to learn from their experiences and stories.

Conference Season has Arrived!

The arrival of March marks the beginning of a busy spring, summer and fall full of opportunities for engaging with professionals and peers from around the country.  It is always exciting to peruse my conference schedules and see who I will get to hear as a keynote speaker, check out who will be presenting, and…