Storytelling With Case Studies – with F.J. Talley


Storytelling is a powerful teaching tool. It helps us engage with history and make sense of complex ideas.

Telling stories is also an effective way to demonstrate the value of a business or organization and help consumers make informed decisions.

So, what does that mean for us in the student housing industry? How can we best use storytelling to communicate with students, their parents and each other?

F.J. Talley is a career educator with more than 40 years of experience. He began his career in student affairs and has since served as Dean of Students, Adjunct Professor, Associate Provost and President of a small college in Michigan.

Seven years ago, F.J. added published author and professional copywriter to his resume, penning several novels as well as a blog entitled Helping Your College Student Succeed. F.J. also writes blogs, e-newsletters and case studies for businesses selling to colleges and universities. His first non-fiction title, Parenting a College Student, is due out in June.

On this episode of Student Housing Matters, F.J. joins host Brittany Oliver to discuss the power of story in helping us frame our lives and make important decisions.

F.J. explains how case studies lend credibility to a business and where to share these stories for maximum benefit to your organization.

Listen in for F.J.’s insight on using blog content to demonstrate market authority and learn how to leverage storytelling as a marketing tool in the student housing space.

Topics Covered 

How the challenges F.J. faced in his first year as an undergraduate informed his decision to pursue a career higher ed

What inspired F.J. to add writing to his professional resume

The power of stories to help us frame our lives and make important decisions

How case studies lend credibility to a business like COCM

F.J.’s insight around the 2 main types of case studies

Where to share case studies for maximum benefit to your organization

How blogs demonstrate market authority in the student housing industry and F.J.’s advice on how often to publish new blog content

The role of collaboration in making great things happen (in student housing and beyond)

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