Digital Marketing, The Metaverse, and The Future of Virtual Reality In Student Housing – with Matt Pavlick


The bar for providing an unforgettable student housing experience gets higher every year, and it’s crucial for a student housing community to develop a digital marketing strategy that showcases its differentiators and truly stands out from the rest.

That’s where a strong agency collaboration comes in.

Matt Pavlick is President at GRO, a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in student housing. GRO serves 200 communities in 100 markets, leveraging proven digital marketing strategies to reach 100% pre-leased well ahead of schedule.

Matt earned the Student Housing Business Innovator Award for Best Digital and Mobile Marketing Campaign two years running, and his team is dedicated to helping student housing communities develop their identity and execute multi-channel marketing strategies that generate opportunities and put heads in beds.

On this episode of Student Housing Matters, Matt joins host Brittany Oliver to discuss what owners and operators should look for in a partnership with a digital marketing agency and describe what communities with limited budgets can do to build an online presence.

Matt offers his take on holistic versus paid advertising, explaining where to invest your ad dollars and how to take advantage of video as part of a successful organic social media strategy.

Listen in for Matt’s insight on digital marketing in the metaverse and learn how your student housing community can stay competitive and maintain authentic, human connections in the quickly evolving online world.

Topics Covered 

Matt’s journey to starting a digital marketing agency that serves the student housing industry

What Matt learned from other industries that lend to his success in marketing student housing online

The ownership mentality and proactive, customized approach owner-operators should look for in a partnership with a digital marketing agency

Why Matt recommends paid search advertising for communities with limited budgets

The benefit of maintaining an online presence through SEO or a limited brand awareness campaign—even if you’re leased up to 100%

Why Matt suggests having real estate in paid ads, the local maps pack, and the top organic listings on Google

Matt’s insight on the importance of short-form video as part of a successful organic social strategy

Why advertising dollars don’t go as far on TikTok as other social media platforms

Matt’s take on virtual reality, the metaverse, and the future of digital marketing

What makes one-on-one, in-person interactions the most powerful marketing strategy of all

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