The Future of Immersive Marketing in Student Housing – with Rami Kalla


It’s one thing to see photos or even watch a two-dimensional video of a student housing complex you’re interested in.

But what if you could experience what it’s like to walk around the apartment, sit by the pool and even play cornhole with other students on the property—from anywhere in the world? Or even well before the property is built?

Rami Kalla is Founder of Point in Time Studios, an award-winning video production company and marketing firm that creates engaging content, photo-realistic renderings and VR tours for several well-known brands in the student housing space.

With a goal to help clients maximize their content across all channels and put more heads in beds, Rami and his team have helped clients successfully recruit and retain students year after year.

On this episode of Student Housing Matters, Rami joins host Brittany Oliver to explore how immersive marketing takes people to another world and explain why it’s a game changer for marketing in the student housing space.

Rami discusses the future of immersive technology, describing how VR glasses are likely to evolve and what the hardware will be capable of in the years to come.

Listen in for Rami’s insight on lifestyle photography as a marketing strategy in student housing and learn how Point in Time’s technology can help your company or organization meet its lease-up goals.

Topics Covered 

How Rami’s early passion for film translated to a career in marketing for student housing

How immersive marketing takes people away to another world

Rami’s first experience with virtual reality and why he knew it would be a game changer for marketing

How VR allows students to experience an apartment and its amenities well before it’s built in a fully immersive, hyper-realistic environment

The future of immersive technology and how it’s likely to affect student housing

How VR and AR glasses are likely to evolve and what the hardware will be capable of

How Rami thinks about people who are slow to adopt immersive technology and want a human touch

How Point in Time’s technology helps companies and organizations meet their heads-in-beds goals

Why Gen Z responds to lifestyle photography as a marketing strategy

A case study of how Point in Time helped a client explain roommate matching through 15-second animated videos

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