The Role of Mental Toughness in Facing Life’s Challenges – with LaRae Quy


Circumstances in our world have challenged individuals to be resilient in ways they never have before. The pandemic was new territory for all of us. As our world is changing, we need to activate new skills in order to land on our feet.

Mental toughness is believing you will prevail when confronted with the unknown. 

So, how do you develop the mental toughness that will see you through?

LaRae Quy grew up on a remote cattle ranch in Wyoming. Her influences there prepared her for her 24-year career as an undercover counterintelligence agent and spokesperson for the FBI in Northern California. Her upbringing, combined with her career achievements, helped her develop the mental toughness required to survive in environments of great risk and uncertainty and the survival skills she would need to navigate life. 

On this episode of Student Housing Matters, LaRae joins host Brittany Pieper to discuss how the student housing industry can benefit from team members receiving training on mental toughness, and how mental toughness aids individuals and organizations.

Listen in as LaRae shares her journey toward developing her own mental toughness and offers listeners strategies for failing forward, balancing burnout and mediocrity, and suggestions for safe spaces in which to develop mental toughness. 

Topics Covered

How growing up on a remote cattle ranch prepared LaRae to overcome life’s obstacles 

LaRae’s definition of mental toughness and why she believes is it so essential for Gen Z

What makes strong-minded individuals unique according to LaRae

The 4 key components of resilience 

Why high ideals play a bigger role in defining mental toughness for Gen Z 

The biggest risks individuals face in developing a strong mindset

Key strategies for individuals and organizations to develop mental toughness in a safe space low risk way

How the student housing industry can benefit from mental toughness training 

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