Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence: How COCM’s Student Housing Calculator Revolutionizing Student Housing with Doug Brown and Gray Bekurs


“Housing is a critical activity that relates directly to the status of the university, and if it’s not healthy, the rest of the institution is not either,” – Doug Brown, President, COCM

Join us as we celebrate COCM’s 20th anniversary with the theme “Honoring the Past, Celebrating the Present, and Building the Future.” On this episode of “Student Housing Matters,” Gray Bekurs, Vice President of Business Development sits down with Doug Brown, President of Capstone On-Campus Management (COCM) to discuss COCM’s implementation of the Student Housing Calculator for use in forecasting housing demand based on historical data and enrollment trends.

The conversation explores how and why the Student Housing Calculator was created, how the calculator simplifies what seems like a complex problem, and the importance of understanding the critical parameters necessary for filling housing relative to enrollment.

Listen in as Doug shares interesting stories related to the use of the Student Housing Calculator, the outcomes on long-term planning, and how this innovative tool is helping institutions in the student housing industry make more informed decisions to manage housing resources more effectively.

For more information on the Student Housing Calculator visit Capstone On-Campus Management or click here

Topics Covered

Doug shares how and why the Student Housing Calculator was created

The critical parameters for understanding occupancy and filling housing relative to enrollment

Why the first time-to-college student product is so important

The key indicators and data the Student Housing Calculator uses to calculate housing occupancy and yield
The biggest difference between the housing calculator and market studies in determining who to build for in the future

How the Student Housing Calculator helped one struggling institution realize they could close a building for renovations without a shortage of beds

Why the Student Housing Calculator is available free of charge and how it will help people in the housing industry


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