The Supply Chain’s Effects on the Furniture Industry and Student Housing – with the Division 12 Team


We all know about the supply chain issue. Manufacturers, companies, and even individual buyers know they’re more susceptible to issues receiving their products than ever before. But what is the impact on the furniture and student housing industries?

Division 12 is a minority-owned contract furnishings company, representing the finest manufacturers in the contract furnishings industry. President Christopher Washington is joined on the podcast today by Vice President of Account Management and Product Management, Nathan Reed, Director of Marketing and Sales, Judd Levinson, and Director of Interior Design and Project Management, Kathy Brown.

On today’s episode of Student Housing Matters, host Brittany Pieper sits down with the team from Division 12 to discuss furniture industry trends, the supply chain issue, and how student housing can be better prepared for the challenges ahead.

Listen in to learn more about how issues in the supply chain impact student housing!

Topics Covered 

Background on Division 12 and all four guests on the shows

Current problems for industry manufacturers due to the supply chain issues and the impact it’s having on the industry

The significant price increases from 2020 to 2021 in manufacturing and shipping

How material shortages have affected the furniture industry and student housing

Logistics problems and the causes of the foam shortage and the impact it’s leaving on the furniture industry

Juggling manufacturer lead times and product price increases to meet deadlines

Importation of goods from other countries vs working with American-made goods

The best strategies for guaranteeing manufacturing and shipping deadlines

Projection for industry lead times in the foreseeable future

The long-term impact people and companies face when furniture lead times are not planned properly

The shift in the furniture industry to appeal to younger generation preferences

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