Diversity in American Higher Education – with Frank Wu


There are over 100 languages spoken at Queens College. It is one of the most diverse higher education institutions in the United States. 

So how can other colleges, universities, and companies across the country become more proactive in their diversity efforts?

Frank Wu is the first Asian American President of Queens College in New York. He is also the author of Yellow: Race in America Beyond Black and White.

On this episode of Student Housing Matters, Frank joins host Brittany Pieper to discuss his immigrant roots, his experience in higher education, and his vision for the future of Queens College.

Frank shares his insights on the rise in violence against Asians since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as how Queens College believes in diversity, equity, and inclusion for all students. 

Listen in to hear more from Frank Wu and how Queens College prioritizes students by ensuring the education works for them, not the other way around. 

Topics Covered

Frank’s immigrant roots and educational history

The diversity of Queens College

Why Frank still believes in American higher education as the engine of the American dream

Why Queens College prioritizes flexible schooling options for students to ensure everyone can achieve their goals

Why it is crucial to have a residence hall on campus

How students at Queens College can and are encouraged to explore multiple education programs

Frank’s book Yellow: Race in America Beyond Black and White

The racism and violence Asians face on a daily basis, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic

The importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion

How companies can invest in their personnel and become more in touch with their employees

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