Join the Conversation Episode 10 – Interview with Eileen Strempel and Emmanuel Awuah


In this episode we interview Eileen Strempel (Assistant Vice President for Academic Advancement at Syracuse University) and Emmanuel Awuah (Interim Vice President for Academic and Global Initiatives at Onondaga Community College of the State University of New York).  The two schools have a joint initiative called the the “2 plus 2 degree program” that is designed to become an accessible bridge for students wishing to further their education after graduation from Onondaga Community College.  This is an in depth undertaking on many levels and we had the chance to hear from them about the program itself and how on campus housing plays a role in the process.

The Student Housing Matters blog is about matters relating to on-campus student housing, as well as why quality on-campus student housing really matters. We want this blog to serve as a forum for sharing ideas and insights about how your on-campus student housing can do things beyond simply housing students. How it can be used as a more powerful tool to recruit and retain students on your campus.

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