What We’re Reading: Finding the Next Generation


Inside HigherEd posted a really interesting article on “Finding the Next Generation” last month.  I especially liked this excerpt…

Reaching out to low-income, urban students is a significant shift for a group  of institutions like Franklin & Marshall whose historic demographic has been  middle- and high-income students. While institutions such as Franklin &  Marshall have been beefing up diversity recruiting efforts for many years,  Porterfield’s efforts are broader than traditional strategies.

But in recent years, particularly as more colleges go after the coveted  demographic of full-pay students that provided the bulk of the students for  colleges such as Franklin & Marshall, there has been a concerted effort to  try to find a particular type of student, no matter where they hail from.

“Students who do well at Franklin & Marshall, from all the data I’ve  analyzed so far, are the ones who are persistent, resilient, who learn from  mistakes and push forward,” Butler said. “Students who have those academic  abilities as well as those social abilities, those are the students we  want.”

If you haven’t already check out the whole article HERE.  What other trends have you noticed in schools trying to find the “Next Generation”?