How I Got into Student Housing – with Jeremy Biddy


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How I Got into Student Housing – with Jeremy Biddy

Many professionals in the world of student housing began as RAs, gaining exposure to the industry as college students and eventually realizing the opportunity to pursue a career in the space. But what if you weren’t a resident assistant in college? How do you get into student housing with a background in what seems like a vastly different industry?

Jeremy Biddy is the Vice President of Operations for Capstone On Campus Management. In that role, he oversees all of the operations in the field and serves as a conduit for regional managers and regional VPs to report to the home office. Jeremy worked as both a Site Director and Regional Vice President for COCM before taking on his current position as VP of Operations.

Today, Jeremy joins me to share his unconventional route to the industry, explaining how his practice in managing crises as a District Loss Prevention Manager for Kmart translated to student housing. He describes how his first boss and mentor taught him to be firm but caring and offers insight into the experience that made him realize he could make a living in the field. Jeremy walks us through the challenges and rewards of his role at COCM, offering insight around the satisfaction of finding a creative solution that works. Listen in for Jeremy’s advice on diversifying your experience and stepping out of your comfort zone to take on new opportunities—even if they fall outside your current job description!

Topics Covered

  • Jeremy’s experience as a retail District Loss Prevention Manager
  • How Jeremy’s experience managing crises translates to student housing
  • How Jeremy’s first boss taught him to be firm AND caring
  • The opportunity Jeremy had to run a program as a young professional
  • Jeremy’s affinity for interacting with students and staff
  • The unique skill set required for a career in student housing
  • Jeremy’s current role as VP of Operations at COCM
  • What Jeremy has learned about dealing with difficult employees/clients
  • How Jeremy works with staff to find a solution in each unique situation
  • Jeremy’s appreciation for positive feedback from parents and partners
  • The reward that comes with finding a creative solution that works
  • Jeremy’s advice around pursuing a diverse range of experiences
  • Why it’s important to have a network of support that offers honest advice
  • The value in taking on opportunities outside of your specific job description

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