Gen Z is here!



Here at Student Housing Matters, we’ve talked a lot over the last year or so about the Millennials. Trisha Wells, a regular blogger for SHM, wrote a six part series on the Millennial generation, called “I Learned to Supervise Millennials While Taking Piano Lessons.”  The series is a great “how to” guide for supervisors working with this niche of young professionals.  It is well worth a look back in the SHM archives if you missed any of her posts.  Here is a link to the first in the series.

So, here we are getting to know the next generation. Generation Z. Maureen Henderson wrote a good synopsis of what we can expect, entitled Move Over, Millennials: Why 20-Somethings Should Fear Teens.  You don’t want to miss her overview of this generation that spans newborns to college freshmen!

We’d love to hear your impressions of this latest generation!