Perspectives – Gen Z and Millennials


I found the blog post last week and article about Generations Z to be an interesting view on the incoming generation and what we, as Student Housing administrators, could come to expect from our soon to be residents.  But it also brought to mind an article published in Psychology Today, that I enjoy and which I check back on every so often: A Nation of Wimps. The article was written about the Millennial generation as they were about to enter college. And, as a young professional, I originally read it ten years ago and immediately began to see the student types mentioned in this article appearing in my office. Every couple of years, I’ve enjoyed revisiting the article and seeing where it was right on, and where it was a little bit off. And as I read the article about Generation Z, I wondered how this new generation would truly learn to define themselves. I also think this article is interesting for the Millennials whom have now joined the work force. They were the incoming freshmen when the article was written, but now they are in the trenches with us, getting prepared for the next generation. Not sure if I would consider this article a counterpoint to the article on Generation Z, but I think it does provide some interesting perspective.  What are your thoughts? Seth formal