Is Good “Customer Service” Creating Problems?

I recently read a blog post by Tim St. John (@timstjohn)that resonated with me, as it likely will with you if you work with students on any level.  His blog post entitled The “Customer” Service Paradox in Higher Education caught my attention, as Student Housing Matters has published at least two other blogs about this long discussed/ debated topic – Are Student Residents Customers?, by Trisha Wells and The Step Out Moment, by Doug Brown.  In Tim’s blog, he takes a look at the long-term problems that have been and can be created in the name of good customer service.

I hope you will take a few moments to read this great, straightforward article about helping to empower students to be their own self-advocate.



SHM would love to hear your opinion about this topic or your own “tough love” story about helping students come into their own.