From RA to Operations Director – with Jeremy Steed


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From RA to Operations Director – with Jeremy Steed


Time management. Customer service. Conflict mediation. Critical thinking. Teamwork.


Whatever your motivation for becoming a resident assistant, the position allows you to hone a number of incredibly valuable skills that carry over to any career you might choose to pursue. And though the field of student housing is less familiar to the general population, it affords the opportunity to give back and do work that truly matters, whether you’re working one-on-one with students as an RA or overseeing operations from the main office.

Jeremy Steed started his housing career as a resident assistant in 2010 while studying as an undergraduate student at the University of Alabama—Birmingham. Since then, he has worked in several roles with Capstone On-Campus Management at various institutions, and Jeremy’s experience ranges from working at a large public university to leading a management takeover at a community college. Today, he serves as the Operations Director for COCM, working under the premise that ‘each day presents a new opportunity to do something great.

Jeremy joins me on Student Housing Matters to discuss how financial considerations and the need for leadership experience informed his initial motivation to become an RA. He shares the benefits of serving as a role model and mentor to students, explaining how the role motivated him to stay on top of his game. I ask Jeremy about his path from RA to Operations Director, and he describes the shift in priorities that led him to pursue student housing as a career. Listen in for Jeremy’s insight around listening first and tailoring your approach to the individual—and learn how the skills you develop as an RA can translate to whatever career you choose.


Topics Covered

  • Jeremy’s initial motivations for becoming an RA
  • The benefits of being a role model and mentor
  • How serving as an RA motivated Jeremy to succeed
  • Jeremy’s path to from RA to Operations Director
  • Jeremy’s ability to tailor his approach to the individual
  • The value in a career that affords the opportunity to give back
  • How working on-site differs from the main office at COCM
  • The skills you develop as an RA that translate to any career

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