COCM: A Talent Agency of Student Housing Professionals


In this new series, “Questions to the President,” we are asking questions that dive deeper into COCM and its mission and values. We hope that as Doug Brown answers these questions, you learn more about who we are as a company and how we work to provide great services in our partnerships across the country.

This week, we asked Doug about his idea of COCM as mostly a “talent agency”. What exactly does he mean and how does COCM get some of the best talent from the Student Housing field to come work with a third party management company? Watch the video to learn more!

Key takeaways:

  • A successful company is about the people you bring together and the culture you create.
  • COCM brings together people with a passion for managing on campus properties.
  • COCM selects talent from within the Student Housing Profession and therefore we are all a part of the “caring profession.”
  • COCM’s talent is the company’s value.
  • When COCM started, it was just a few good people who ended up attracting more good people to the company – the culture built itself.
  • There are Student Housing Professionals who want to do more, but universities are limited in positions to allow people to do that.
  • COCM helps stretch the talents of Student Housing Professionals to be able to manage back on campus, but from a different perspective.