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Brian Kraft on Diversity of Sites

When it comes to student housing, there is simply no way to copy/paste a set of processes on each new campus. Rather, you need to gain an understanding of the institution and the property itself and customize your approach based on the circumstances at hand. How exactly does site diversity impact the way you work with a particular university?

Brian Kraft is the Regional Vice President of Capstone On Campus Management. He has worked in the student housing industry since 1999, serving small private institutions as well as large public universities. Brian has been a part of the Capstone team for nine years, and his diverse experience makes him an effective primary liaison to campus partners and support for COCM’s general managers and site directors.

Today, Brian joins me to share his breadth of experience working with diverse sites, including both small private and large public institutions. He explains why communication is key in any partnership and shares the variations to his approach in collaborating with existing partners, new construction or a troubled site. Brian offers his comprehensive definition of site diversity, describing how size, affiliation, culture and the level of collaboration impact COCM’s methodology. Listen in for insight on the benefits of a shared-governance model in improving the student experience and learn how developing trust up front leads to a better relationship long term!

Topics Covered

  • Brian’s experience in both small private and large public institutions
  • Why communication is key in establishing successful partnerships
  • Brian’s approach to enhancing an existing university partnership
  • Understanding the university’s goals for a new construction project
  • The accelerated timeline necessary for a troubled site
  • Brian’s comprehensive definition of site diversity
  • How a site’s size and affiliation influence the operational approach
  • The significance of understanding a site’s culture, personality
  • The varying levels of collaboration between COCM and university partners
  • How Brian navigates resistance to a private management company
  • The benefits of COCM’s shared-governance model
  • How COCM evolves processes over time to improve the student experience
  • The lessons Brian has learned around aligning goals between partners
  • Brian’s advice on developing relationships and trust on a personal level
  • How student housing influences student success

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