A Bold Call to Action


Great article in the NYT about the growing concern of college graduation rates in our country.  It is a sobering fact that half of all students (both non-traditional and traditional) at two- or four-year institutions, fail to earn a degree in six years.  The National Commission on Higher Education Attainment, led by The Ohio State University President, Dr. Gordon Gee, outlined areas of “reform” that our higher ed institutions need to evaluate to better address the needs of today’s student in helping make sure they make it to graduation day. The Commission’s recommendations are found below in the open letter they released on Thursday.

An Open Letter to College and University Leaders: College Completion Must Be Our Priority  –  National Commission on Higher Education Attainment

Studies have shown that a strong on-campus housing program will also help improve graduation rates (in particular, a study done by Iowa State). What do you believe will make a difference in turning the tide on college completion rates?