Utilizing Informational Videos On Campus


As we plan for the next academic year in student housing, we are all trying to reassess how we disseminate and present information to today’s students. What worked five years ago, probably isn’t going to work well today. Our student’s information environment has changed greatly. We need to think in terms of using smaller bits of information, repetition of this information, as well as news mediums in which to communicate.

In student housing, one challenge we face annually is moving in a large number of students on a single day or series of days. Written instructions are helpful to parents, but we’ve found some institutions have been successful in using an alternate avenue for getting information to the students – video.

I was recently sent a video from Oregon State University  which was welcoming, informative and straightforward. My colleague at OSU reported they had one of the most successful and seamless openings that they had ever experienced. She also said students (and parents) commented about how helpful the video was, referred to it in their interactions with staff and had fewer issues with people not following instructions or arriving outside of their assigned time/place.

After doing some research, I found these two additional “how to” move-in videos from the University of Washington (UW move-in video) and the University of North Carolina – Charlotte (UNCC move-in video)

All of these videos provide simple information, are engaging and give links for further information, should a parent or student have a need.

Is your campus or department looking for “how to” videos for move-in or other important functions? Care to share what you are considering/doing?