3 Things You Should Be Doing Now for 2022 Summer Conferences Recovery – with Erik Elordi


Conference service programs have been in survival mode through the pandemic, adapting to challenging circumstances one day at a time. But in-person events are starting to come back, and it’s time for colleges and universities with summer programs to get prepared for the 2022 season. Erik Elordi is the National Director of Conference Services at COCM, a program that both supports our current institutions and provides program evaluation and standalone management of summer conference services to campuses outside the Capstone network. Erik began his career with COCM in 2015, serving as Director of Residential Facilities and Director of Housing and Residential Life at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington, before transitioning to his current role in March of 2020. On this episode of Student Housing Matters, Erik joins host Alton Irwin to discuss COCM’s new resource, ‘3 Things You Should Be Doing Now for 2022 Summer Conferences Recovery.’ Erik explains what inspired him to create the recovery guide, challenging conference staffs to start preparing NOW for Summer 2022. Listen in for Erik’s insight on using the COCM guide—not just to get back where you were pre-pandemic but to exceed your 2019 benchmarks and come back better than before!

Topics Covered 

  • How Erik was introduced to COCM through Lauren Pigott and his 6 years with the organization
  • Erik’s role as National Director for Conference Services
  • How his previous work at a COCM site serves Erik in his current role
  • The 3 main components of the COCM Conference Services program
  • What inspired Erik to create the 2022 Summer Conferences Recovery Guide
  • How the recovery guide provides an opportunity for campuses to exceed their 2019 benchmarks
  • Erik’s advice on using the guide to prepare NOW for Summer 2022

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