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Does your campus have unused residence halls, dining commons, classrooms, theaters, meeting spaces, or athletic fields during the summer? Most do. Allowing these assets to go unused over the summer months is a lost opportunity to generate new revenue and net income for your campus.

Summer programs offer institutions an opportunity to generate revenue that can reduce the financial burden placed on students during the academic year. And it’s not just housing – a strong, efficient summer program brings revenue to other campus entities as well.

Our team of student housing professionals can help you build a summer program that will not only generate new revenue but will also help make your campus a vibrant community over the summer months. Summer programs can help ensure employees of campus housing, dining and other auxiliary units are not underemployed for the summer.

Questions to Consider:

Are you making money, losing money, or breaking even with your current summer programs?

Do you know the true cost of running your summer programs?

Have you struggled to keep auxiliary staff fully employed over the summer?

Do you have an actionable business and marketing plan to increase utilization of campus assets over the summer?


When it comes to anything related to your on-campus housing portfolio, you can trust COCM’s 20+ years of experience in:

Customizing our strategy for each partner – “one-of-a-kind solutions for one-of-a-kind campuses”

Leveraging already-existing relationships to bring business to your campus

Using our marketing and networking expertise to find and convert leads into business for your campus

Focusing on maximizing the use of campus assets

Ensuring a proper balance between outside summer use, student use, and facility upkeep needs

Employing specific tactics to reduce room turns and other expenses during the summer

Considering the preservation of facilities in our customized plans

Facilitating the necessary cross-campus collaboration necessary to have a successful program

Finding Solutions

COCM offers a wide variety of consulting and management solutions tailored to your campus and specific needs. In partnership with your campus we can:

  • Provide a summer program cost-analysis
  • Create a price point analysis
  • Develop a full market analysis
  • Create a marketing plan and strategies
  • Complete a full assessment of your campus and the programs that will make sense for you
  • Help create realistic goals for your summer programs and revenue


Vice President Business Development

COCM specializes in providing one-of-a-kind solutions for one-of-a-kind campuses. We’re able to provide a host of options to help you realize income growth and positive net revenue with previously unused campus assets during the summer. In addition to providing a full review of your summer programs, we can also provide support, direction, and management of the implementation of this plan via a management partnership.