Snowplow Parents


Much of our country experienced record snow fall this year.  Are you not only plowing out the “white stuff” but managing snowplow parents? While this article was published in the Boston Globe in the fall, I anticipate the parents will remain engaged as spring arrives and room selection occurs, finals commence and the job search kicks off for graduates. I adopted a “challenge” for parent’s years ago that I learned from Dr. Beth Moriarty from Bridgewater State University.  Dr. Moriarty challenges parents during Orientation to wait 24 hours before contacting the college on their son or daughters behalf.  Usually within those 24 hours, the student has resolved their conflict or realized it isn’t an issue they need to address. Like snow, feelings / issues can occur quickly, unexpectedly and change your plans.  Yet, it does melt! How are you managing the snowplow parents on your campus? Tara informal