Hopes and Worries


This “College Hopes and Worries 2014 Survey Report,” by the Princeton Review, offers some interesting perspectives on high school students applying to college, as well as the perspectives of their parents.


Here are some results I found interesting:

  • Parents’ estimates of college costs were higher than the students.
  • 89% of all respondents said financial aid would be “extremely” or “very” necessary.
  • In response to the question, “What’s your biggest concern about applying to or attending college?”, 39% responded “the level of debt to pay for the degree.”  What is intriguing about this response is that while this was also the biggest concern in 2013, for the six years prior, the biggest concern was, “Will get into their first choice college but won’t have sufficient funds/aid to attend it.”
  • 99% of the respondents said having information about comparing colleges based on their reputation with regard to specific majors or programs, would contribute “strongly,” “very much,” or “somewhat” in their decision making process.

The issue of affordability is not going anyway anytime soon.

You can read the full survey here CollegeHopesandWorriesSurveyReport2014.