Marketing & Leasing in the Student Housing World – with Brittany Oliver


How do you design a marketing plan that attracts residents to a particular student housing community? What if you’re responsible for promoting 35 different sites, each with their own unique culture and set of amenities?

Brittany Oliver is the Site Marketing Coordinator for COCM, where she works with our 35-plus partner institutions and their onsite team members to ensure that each of our student housing communities is properly positioned in the market. A rockstar when it comes to marketing and leasing in the student housing world, Brittany is committed to achieving maximum demand and occupancy at each site.

On this episode, Brittany joins Leigh Anne to share her journey from multifamily marketing and leasing to student housing, explaining what she learned from her first property manager and how she designs creative initiatives to attract and retain residents. Brittany discusses how having an entrepreneurial spirit has helped her develop a business mind around sales and walks us through the AHA moment that inspired her to pursue a leadership role in the marketing space. Listen in for Brittany’s insight on customizing solutions to individual sites and get her top five tips for ambitious student housing professionals.

Topics Covered 

  • Brittany’s early interest and experience in marketing and sales
  • Brittany’s journey from multifamily marketing and leasing to student housing
  • Designing creative ways to attract and retain residents
  • How Brittany’s first property manager trained her to do things the right way, take ownership of her mistakes and strive for her goals
  • How an entrepreneurial spirit helped Brittany develop a business mind around sales and marketing
  • What inspired Brittany to pursue a leadership role in marketing and leasing
  • The challenge Brittany faces in customizing solutions to work at individual COCM sites
  • Brittany’s top lessons learned around adapting to change and working with diverse personalities
  • Brittany’s top five tips for aspiring student housing professionals

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