Is your name on the list?


Ten colleges and universities who are getting creative and having fun on Twitter.

In higher education, our consumers (students) are very tech savvy and high users of social media – this is not news to anyone. What is interesting however, is how many colleges/universities haven’t quite figured out how to successfully engage students (and alums) in the medium.

I found this blog post interesting because it shows a number of institutions that are at the forefront of blending social media, their brand, humor and consumer engagement. If we could figure out a similar perfect “blend” for each of our institutions/businesses, social media might not seem so daunting!

PS –  It also didn’t hurt that my alma mater @UWMadison is listed, as well as one of our campus partners @UFlorida.  I’ve followed both for a while and already knew them to be superstars!


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