Getting Connected on a New Campus – with Amy Lorenz


At times, student affairs professionals are hesitant to pursue a role with COCM, thinking that the transition back to a university setting will be challenging. And yet, a number of former Capstone employees have made the successful move to public institutions. What have they done to make the transition as seamless as possible? And how do they go about getting connected on a new campus?

Amy Lorenz is the Associate Director of Housing and Residence Life at the University of North Florida. Prior to joining the team at UNF in March of 2018, she spent nearly four years as Director of Operations at Bowling Green State University through COCM. Amy’s resume also includes roles with Marshall University and Miami University in the realm of academic initiatives and first year experience.

On this episode of the podcast, Amy joins guest host Tara Wilkinson to explain her intentional decision to join COCM to learn about facilities and operations, sharing her responsibilities at BGSU and what she learned about remaining calm in a crisis. She discusses her work in the area of social wellness and describes how she came to appreciate the perspective of the maintenance and custodial staff during her time at COCM. Listen in for Amy’s insight around making connections on a new campus and easing the transition from Capstone back to a college setting!

Topics Covered

  • Why Amy joined COCM to learn about facilities and operations
  • Amy’s responsibilities as Director of Operations at BGSU
    • Day-to-day maintenance + emergencies
    • Marketing and occupancy management
  • Amy’s work with social wellness during her time at Capstone
  • Amy’s experience attending the Women’s Leadership Institute
  • The top skills Amy learned in her time working at COCM
    • Remain calm in crisis
    • Listen to ALL constituents
    • Appreciate perspective of maintenance, custodial staff
  • Taking initiative to meet + listen to people in a new setting
  • Why Amy recommends finding friends outside of work
  • Amy’s advice on the transition from COCM to a university
    • Stay connected to people, professional organizations
    • Continue to invest in professional development
  • Amy’s insight around being a mom in the student housing space

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