Build Lasting Influence with Infrastructure – with Tricia Wells


“Build the bridge as you walk across it. Just find something and try it out and define it. And then over time, it becomes the normal that everybody’s used to—an efficiently run process.”

In her ten-year career with COCM, Tricia Wells played a major role in developing the infrastructure we use today, creating several of the programs, initiatives and systems that make our jobs easier. Because she was willing to raise her hand when a need came up, Tricia left a lasting impression, and her influence lives on at Capstone.

Today, Tricia is the Assistant Vice Provost for Administration and Finance in the Division of Professional Studies at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Prior to joining UMBC in 2014, she rose through the ranks at COCM, taking on roles as General Manager, Regional Manager, and eventually Regional Vice President for the organization.

On this episode of Student Housing Matters, Tricia joins guest host Tara Wilkinson to discuss the instant connection she felt when she joined the team at COCM, explaining how the organization aligned with her professional values and career goals. She describes how the understanding of financial systems she learned at Capstone serves her in her current role and why relationships are key to success in higher education. Listen in for Tricia’s insight on transitioning from a private company to a public institution and learn how she helped design several of the programs and initiatives that define COCM’s current infrastructure.

Topics Covered

  • Tricia’s instant connection with COCM’s executive leadership
  • How COCM aligned with Tricia’s professional values + career goals
  • How Tricia’s responsibilities grew in her 10 years with Capstone
  • Tricia’s willingness to jump in and assist wherever the gap was
  • Transforming a troubled site into a place students want to live
  • Tricia’s involvement in creating the current infrastructure at COCM
  • How understanding financial systems serves Tricia in her new role
  • Tricia’s advice on transitioning from COCM to a public institution
    • Articulate alignment of values
    • Recognize difference in flexibility
    • Build professional network
  • Why Tricia credits her success in higher ed to relationships

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