Don’t Make These New Grad Mistakes…


Thousands of students will be receiving their diploma in the next few weeks and embarking on their first job search. Director of COCM Human Resources, Keisha Cherry, has put together some great tips for new grads.

  1. Submit your resume and cover letter in PDF format.  Resume formats can move around when changing operating systems.
  2. Don’t expect too much too soon.  Your first job probably won’t be the job you’ve wanted your entire life.  Seek positions that will pave the way to your dream job.
  3. Review and edit your resume, repeatedly.  Improper grammar and typos are inexcusable.   If English was not your strongest class, have a friend review your resume for you.
  4. Remove unprofessional content from social media.  Although Spring Break 2016 was the best by far, don’t let what happened in Miami come back and haunt you forever.
  5. Make sure that your email address is appropriate.  It’s been proven that will not generate as many responses as you’d like during your job search.

Good luck starting your next chapter! IMG_0847