Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence: Professional Development, Relationships, and the Power of Campus Living with Erik Elordi


“You’ve got something unique here with COCM with so many different types of schools. One of the things I loved about COCM is the ability to move on within the company and grow and progress. I would really encourage people to do that as much as possible. It’s really worth it,”— Erik Elordi

Join us as we celebrate COCM’s 20th anniversary with the theme “honoring the past, celebrating the present, and building the future.” 

On this episode of Student Housing Matters, Alton C. Irwin, Director and Chief Marketing Officer at COCM, sits down with Erik Elordi, a former COCM staff member and now the Director of Campus Services at the University of Idaho.

Erik shares his journey of how he came to work with Capstone On-Campus Management (COCM), his initial hesitation in working for a third-party company, and the story of what made him decide to apply. He discusses his various roles within the company, the challenges he faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how he utilized his skills in different ways to support the company.

Listen in to learn about his experience at COCM and the organization’s impact on student outcomes. Plus, what his current role as Director of Campus Services at the University of Idaho entails and his advice as a former COCM employee for employees new to the company.  

Topics Covered 

Erik’s introduction and his journey to COCM

Erik shares his initial hesitation about working for a third-party company and the story of what convinced him to apply

The challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic

Erik’s role at the University of Idaho as the Director of Campus Services

The impact of COCM and on-campus housing on student outcomes and graduation

COCM’s support for professional development and the all-around person

Erik shares his advice for new employees at COCM 

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