Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence: Financial Reporting in Student Housing with Emily Hill and Stephanie Lachina


I’ve always enjoyed the collaborative team aspect and problem-solving with clients,” – Stephanie Lachina

Join us as we celebrate COCM’s 20th anniversary with the theme “Honoring the Past, Celebrating the Present, and Building the Future.”

On this episode of “Student Housing Matters,” Emily Hill, COCM Corporate Accountant, and Stephanie Lachina, COCM Financial Reporting Accountant, sit down to discuss the integral role financial reporting plays in the student housing industry and how the financial services at COCM have evolved over the years. 

Emily and Stephanie delve into the various types of financial reports provided to clients and owners and how the financial reporting at COCM has changed over the years in order to meet each client’s specific needs. Plus, how financial reporting services, and audit assistance have helped COCM’s clients.

Listen in to learn about the role of financial reporting in the student housing industry and the crucial role it plays in fostering problem-solving for the site directors and owners.

Topics Covered

Emily and Stephanie share their career paths and how they entered the field of accounting

The various types of financial reports COCM provides to clients and owners

How COCM customizes reports to meet client-specific needs

How the financial reporting at COCM has evolved over the years

How the financial reporting services, including timely reporting, support, and audit assistance have helped COCM’s clients

The importance of collaboration with site directors and owners to better understand their operation needs and offer support


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