20 Years of Growth and Innovation: Celebrating COCM’s Impact on Student Housing


In this episode of the Student Housing Matters Podcast, host Alton Irwin, Chief Marketing Officer COCM, celebrates the 20th anniversary of Capstone On-Campus Management by looking back at the company’s early days. He is joined by three longtime employees of COCM: 

Doug Brown is the President and Founder of COCM. Doug’s passion for higher education and dedication to fostering partnerships have been instrumental in shaping COCM’s success. His visionary leadership has led the company to become a leader in managing student housing, challenging industry norms, and setting new standards along the way. 

Michelle Smith, the Regional Vice President at COCM, drives growth and exceeds expectations through exceptional leadership. With a talent for building strong university relationships and mentoring her team, Michelle’s contributions have made a lasting impact on the student housing industry.

Masha Sapper, the Senior Vice President for Business Systems at COCM, brings extensive expertise and invaluable insights to the company. Marsha’s commitment to innovation and ability to navigate complex challenges have made her an invaluable asset to COCM’s success in the dynamic student housing landscape.

The discussion kicks off with the guests sharing how they came to join COCM, and Doug shares a behind-the-scenes look at the events that led him to establish COCM. The conversation then delves into memorable moments from the early days of COCM and reflections on the company’s growth and the importance of promoting from within.

Join Alton and the guests as they reflect on the journey of COCM, from its humble beginnings to becoming a leader in managing student housing. Hear their stories, insights, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Topics Covered 

Reflecting on 20 years: celebrating COCM’s journey of success, innovation, and impact

The journey begins: how COCM found its footing in the student housing industry

Insights into the early days of hiring at COCM

How COCM built strong relationships with universities

Revolutionizing the approach to managing student housing programs

The key to transforming troubled projects into success stories

Nurturing talent and cultivating long-term employee success

How COCM provides career acceleration and diverse exposure

Sharing the lessons learned: wisdom and advice for new employees entering the student housing field

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