What We’re Reading: The Cost of Dropping Out (WSJ)


Quite a sobering article dealing with the millions of students struggling with college debt and no degree. We would like to hear how your students and campus are feeling the effects.

The Cost of Dropping Out

The rising cost of a college education is hitting one group especially hard: the millions of students who drop out without earning a degree.

A bachelor’s degree remains by far the clearest path to the American middle class. Even today, amid mounting concerns about the rising cost of higher education and questions about the relevance of many college degrees, recent graduates have lower rates of unemployment, higher earnings and better career prospects than their less educated peers.

But as more Americans than ever before attend college, more too are dropping out before they ever don a cap and gown. That means millions of Americans are taking on the debt of college without getting the earnings boost that comes from a degree. Dropouts are more than four times as likely as…

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