What We’re Reading: Generation on a Tightrope


I am reading a book entitled “Generation on a Tightrope:  A Portrait of Today’s College Student,” by Arthur Levine and Diane R. Dean.   It is an interesting read and I would recommend it for anyone involved in higher education, especially those focused on housing and residence life. The book is a snapshot of U.S. undergraduates enrolled in college between 2005 through 2014. Among their findings about this generation of undergraduates is the following:

“Today’s college students have extraordinarily close ties with their parents and are in 24/7 contact with a tribe of friends, family, and acquaintances via social media, yet they are more alone in many of the activities they pursue.  The image that comes to mind is a group of students walking across campus together, each on their cell phone chatting with other people.”

Is this your experience with residents in your on-campus housing communities? If so, what specific things are you incorporating in your residence life programs to connect residents and build a strong community?