What Every New College Grad Should Be Doing NOW!


Here is a great article by Alan J. McMillan that was recently featured in MINT that shows very simply and succinctly why a new graduate should begin to prepare NOW for a very rewarding financial retirement outcome! Goodbye College, Hello Future: Why Retirement Savings Matters in Your 20s Future-Planning

The Class of 2015 will usher more than 1.8 million college graduates into the workforce with newly minted bachelor’s degrees. For most of these graduates, getting a job is priority number one. A first job provides a new kind of independence: the ability to move into one’s own space, pay for expenses and budget. It also opens the opportunity to create financial independence for the rest of your life.

If you’re among those who will be entering “the real world,” thinking 40 years ahead may seem like a tall order – but it’s never too early to start planning. Ask yourself these few critical questions to get you on your way to financial freedom in your golden years:

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