Podcast | Utilizing Big Data To Improve Student Success


suess4Technology in higher ed is something we’ve not touched on many times on the podcast.  Today we reverse that trend!  Jack Suess, the Vice President of Information Technology and CIO of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, joined us to talk about what they’re doing with “Big Data” on that campus, and how they’re using it to increase student success. We also talked about using the cloud to be a “greener” campus and the importance of quality WIFI coverage.

Mr. Jack Suess is an alum of UMBC and has worked at UMBC since 1981. He holds a B.A. Mathematics and M.S. Information Systems. Throughout the years he has taught a number of courses at UMBC, including Computer Organization and Assembly Programming, Unix System Administration, and Computers and Society. He has led UMBC information technology since 1997 and was appointed UMBC CIO in 2000. During his tenure UMBC has been recognized as a leader in the use of information technology.

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