The Today Show Visited Their Rabid Fans at Arizona State University


todayshowBack at the beginning of September, we posted a blog about a group of students at Arizona State University that had bonded over their love for the TODAY show.  They had used social media to try and grab the attention of the long-standing morning show giant and it worked.  The TODAY Show put up a story about them on their website and the story made some national headlines.

Well now its gone one step further.  This morning the TODAY Show was at Taylor Place, the residence hall at ASU, for a live segment. You can watch the video of the segment by clicking here: The TODAY Show Visits Taylor Place at Arizona State University Not only did the students get on TV, but they had a surprise visitor!

Here were a few more Tweets from the action this morning…



And back to what our original blog was about, community is what brings the college experience together.  And there is no place better suited to foster community than on-campus living.  There is no doubt that the students involved in this “community” have a special bond and are having a blast.  STUDENT HOUSING MATTERS! bcollins2