The Current Financial State of the US Higher Education System


Our first podcast guest of 2015 is Lee White, Executive Vice President and Manager of the Education and Non-Profit Finance Group, George K. Baum & Company.  Lee is active in all areas of public finance, with a special emphasis on higher education.  He is regarded as the industry’s leading expert in the area of privatized student housing finance, and has made numerous presentations over the years for the NACUBO organization. This is Lee’s second time on our podcast, as he joined us in October of 2012 to talk about the financing aspect of building student housing.  Today he joins us to talk about the current financial state of the US higher education system and talked about the topics, “is higher education overbuilt?” and “where are the bright spots?”. Also, if you missed our “best of” podcast from 2014, go check it out.  It’s some bits and pieces from our favorite moments of last year. Lastly, we’d love to hear from you!  If you’ve got any ideas or topics you’d want to hear about, or even guests you might like to hear from, please email us at  And don’t forget to check us out on Twitter at @OnCampusHousing and on Facebook.