Summer Conferences on Campus: Recovery Starts Today


In the post, Summer Conferences on Campus: More than Extra Dollars, we explored the value proposition of summer conferences and what it brings to campus in addition to revenue. Understanding the full value proposition of summer conferences is important because it create the imperative of what we need to do next, which is focus on recovery.

Over the last 18 months, we’ve been focused on responding to the immediate impact of the pandemic on our campuses. If we’re going to successfully come out of the pandemic, we have to move from response to recovery. Recovery requires that we create a thoughtful plan and start working on executing that plan over the next 12 months. 

Recovery isn’t about returning to how things were before the pandemic. It’s an opportunity to build and improve your operations so they are resilient and ready for the future. Summer conferences run on a 12 month cycle. If you don’t start preparing for recovery now, it will be too late. 

Want to learn about the steps you can take now to start the recovery process for you summer conferences programs?

COCM has published a resource guide, 3 Things Your Campus Should be Doing Now for 2022 Summer Conference Recovery. The free resource is available on our website and covers what you need to do to start the recovery process for your summer conferences along with helpful questions to review your operations, marketing and sales plan, and communicating in these difficult times.